DIY - Do It Yourself - Treatments you can do on your own

Sarita  now you will have to come for the follow up treatment once in a week, at-least for 4 weeks and then we will take a call for further action.  Meanwhile you will have to apply oil on your both the knee joints for 10 min and then take pottali sekam for 10 min.  This was my advice to my knee joint pain patient age 45 years.  Sarita took 21 sessions of treatment and for follow up I advised her as above, but she had some other concern, doctor I do not have anyone to help me out, I can apply the oil on my own, that is pretty easy but what about sekam? pottali we have to heat repeatedly and it is not possible without assistant.   Yes, it is true I replied , then I started looking for various options, water heat, electrical heating pads we do no recommend.  I wanted something which will be convenient for the patient and at the same time the patient should get all the benefits of Pottali Sekam.  Pottali contains Ayurvedic Herbs, medicines and some edible ingredients, which have medicinal properties.  Considering Sarita's need we designed a belt for her with small pockets, in which pottali ingredients were filled, pockets were stitched to retain the material.  Now it is easy for the patient you have to heat this pad once either in microwave, OTG or on Tava or give IR light , by any of the means you heat the belt / pad and then keep it on the desired area, the warmth last for minimum 20 minutes.
Now it is very easy for me and my patients to follow whatever advised to them.  We now give tailor-made knee joint belts, lumber belts, pads to keep on back for back pain, frozen shoulder pain patients etc.  This is done with proper measurements of the patient.  It feels good if you are able to help someone who needs it badly.  

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