DIY - Do It Yourself - Treatment for Piles, Fissures & Fistula

Doctor am unable to sit on the hard surface, sever itching is always there, I have to visit the washroom frequently due to itching, Snehal was telling me all this (32 yrs male patient).  This we can termed as pre- piles stage. 
99% of the people are constipated.  Major patient population is suffering with Piles, Fissures and Fistula - Ano Rectal Diseases. Reasons may vary from long sitting hours at the job, irregular intake of food, consumption of oily, spicy food, low intake of water , late night working , daily travelling , one has to hold urine or stools for a long time due to lack of basic facilities etc.  The together effect of all these factors leads to 
1. Irregular bowel movements 
2. Irregular consistency of stools. 
Because of irregular bowel movements there is a load on the digestive system, due which flatulence, bloating, gas may occur 
When the stools are too hard, one has to give pressure while deification and if this is a routine habit anal  muscles become loose and this may result in piles. 
While treating Ano rectal diseases we have to consider internal medicines as well as localized treatments I had to explain all this to my patient. 
Again time is the biggest constraint,  Snehal was unable to come to the clinic daily for the external treatments so I helped him out with DIY - Do It Yourself -  teaching various effective treatments which he can do at home , like 
- Seitz  bath 
- Pichu of specific oil , which is to be placed in the anal muscles through out the night.
- Some ointments are given for local application in day time 
- some changes are made in his daily routine. 
As the disease stage is very severe Snehal took the videos of all the treatments and promised me to follow it. 
It is a win win situation for both of us. 

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