Suffering from Persistent Dry Cough ?? Mind your GUT

Doctor, my daughter is just four years old and last 2/3 months she is suffering from severe dry cough, almost 20 days in a month, we have got done her all blood tests and chest x-ray also ,  tried everything  Allopathy, Homeopathy,  Ayurveda, Naturopathy , she has completed her antibiotic course but not yet relieved from her dry cough.  Can you do something ? tomorrow I will bring all her reports,  my panchakarma patient was asking me after her treatment session.
I told her, I may not need the reports, you just answer my one question, how is her bowel movement? Does she go to toilet every day for defecation or is she constipated? The mother is working so unaware of the daughter’s daily schedule.  She called home and talked to her mother in law just to check and the grandmother answered my question that the kid does not go to toilet every day, once in two or three days she is able to pass the motion.
I told my patient that constipation is the main reason for persistent dry cough.  Anyone who is suffering from persistent dry cough can check these themselves. 
Now I could see a big question mark on my patients face, I need to clarify.  As per Ayurveda Excretion of tools is the function of Apan Vayu , when because of whatever the reason patient is constipated there is an obstruction in the natural direction of Apan Vayu.  Obstructed Apan then travels upwards and disturbs the function of Vyan Vayu, which is inhale and exhale.  So in persistent dry cough, whatever medicines, antibiotics you give or any ayurvedic medicine like sitopaladi churna you give, patient gets temporary relief  because of soothing of the nasopharyngeal track, again cough is there within half an hour.
I told the patient we need to treat the constipation first.  Obviously results are good.  When you treat the root cause there is no recurrence of the symptoms.

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