Wonders of Ayurveda + Bandh

Sairaj - 8 years old male child. He is a premature baby , while growing his glut, calf and thigh muscles did not develop, as a result he was unable to touch his feet to the ground completely and hence unable to walk.  

When parents noticed this, they tried each and every medical stream to treat the child but till 8 years there was no substantial result. 
on 19 June 2019, Sairaj enrolled with us for the treatment.  Muscle strength is nil so for strengthening of the muscles Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments are started, some Bone Strengthening Basti - enima were given and the most important Osteopathy + Bandh Chikitsa also started simultaneously. 
Today is his 16th session and you can notice the remarkable change in the kid's progress. 
His parents are also confident now , and they are happy with our treatments and so we are also happy. 

Ayurvedacharya   - Vaidya Surabhi Vaidya 
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