Langhanam Param Aushadham

What I want is pain free movements.  Right now am in so much pain, if I have to turn to other side on my bed it takes almost 10 min.  My life is very painful for every step I am taking I have to think twice, if it is that much necessary then only I make movements.  43 years old female patient Rina was telling me all this , which was quiet evident from her swollen joints. It was a case of Rheumatoid Arthritis – RA , patient.  Her RA, CRP, ANA were positive, ESR was high.  Patient was taking Folitrax, Folvit and Steroids for a very long period almost from 2007. 
I explained Rina RA is a digestive system disorder , in which joints are affected.   It is an auto immune disease , where no one knows the real cause why immune system is not working.  As per Ayurveda undigested food is the main cause of this RA.  Food which is not digested, turned into toxins , which can be called as Aam.   This Aam is then get accumulated at small joints then big joints and then whole body is affected.  Mild grade fever, Morning Stiffness , Pain in all joints are the common symptoms.
Ayurveda can help to become pain free and medicine free but you have to give me your  21 days.  We will change your diet regime mostly Langhanam we will start , will start  some Ayurvedic Medicines, which will help to improve your digestion, will plan some Special Basti, which will detoxify your body , Waluka Swed we will plan. Depending on the flair of the disease, it takes 21 days to subside all the symptoms.  After that we put the patient on some Rasayana Medicines, which stop further degeneration. Patient is maintained and can have pain free life.
At Health Solutions, we are conducting trials for the patients who are RA +ve and taking Folitrax (Mithotrexate) for a very long time and we treat them with above mentioned line of treatments and the results are good. Experience Ayurveda

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